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The Nutrition of Cake

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Proper nutrition must be observed all the time because it is vital in maintaining optimal health. Our bodies need it in order to function properly, so we need to make sure that the nutrients we get from the food we eat will help us maintain a healthy body and help us sustain a long life.


One misconception people make about nutrition is that for something to be nutritious, it should not be delicious; and, conversely, delicious food may not be nutritious. This belief is what causes people to think that cakes are an indulgent and decadent dessert with little to no health benefits.

Cakes can be made using flour and fruits as filling; margarine or butter for that rich and creamy taste; sugar to enhance its sweetness and appeal to kids; liquid for mixing, eggs as a binder; leavening, for the dough to rise; and frosting, for added aesthetic appeal. By knowing these major ingredients, we can then get an idea of what nutrition a slice of cake has in store for us.